A warm welcome, over the coming months we will be developing a space where you can come to, to find out what is happening within our church, this will also in the wider work that our church carries. Please bear with us while we are in the process of setting up our space. In the meantime, however, please take a look around and if you require any other information, please contact us through our Contact Section or at info@lawparishchurch.org and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Sunday Morning Worship

Join us every Sunday Morning at for our Sunday Morning Worship Service on our YouTube Channel and our Facebook Page.

Church YouTube Channel

Church Facebook Page

If you miss one of our Sunday services you can find replays on our Facebook Page or YouTube Channel.

Sunday School Club

You can enjoy replays of our previous Sunday School Club’s on our YouTube Channel and our Facebook Page or by visiting the following.

Sunday School Club Replays

Little Boy Pointing on the Laptop

Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels


We will have Morning and Evening Prayers.

For over a millennia, followers of the way have made space to start and end their day, opening themselves up to the presence of God. We will make a space for anyone who wants to join me for a few minutes, offering what we are living to the presence of God. There will be a short meditation then a prayer. A simple way for us to share the road with one another, in the company of God.

You can find replays of our Morning and Evening Prayers on our YouTube Channel.

Morning & Evening Prayers

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Donate to your Church

You can now make a donation to Law Parish Church by visiting the following Church of Scotland website page, click on ‘Donate to this Congregation’ and follow Steps 2 and 3.

Church of Scotland – Donate to Law Parish Church


Our New Phone Service

We have some exciting news. We are aware that there are a number of people who are unable to access online broadcasts of our weekly worship, and who are unable to use the DVD’s that we provide. 

We now have a telephone service available for everyone to access. From this week our service will also be available via telephone. For the cost of a local call, you will be able to listen to our service every week.  

Nowadays, many telephone packages come with inclusive free minutes, if this is the case, the call should cost you nothing, but please check with your provider.  

The service should be available later in the afternoon each week, and will be available until replaced by the next service. The number to call is 01698 602522.  

Please share this information with anyone you feel might benefit from this. 

Blog – The Woolen Cross

Written by Rev. Paul Grant our Minister.

It is his insight into many of the facets of modern Christian life and the deeper meaning of a life walking with God.

You can follow Paul’s journey by visiting the following.

The Woolen Cross