At Law Parish Church we want your Wedding Service to be a happy and meaningful occasion and hope this simple guide will help to answer any general questions and help your planning. 

Do we need to be church members to be married in church?
No. Membership is not a condition of marriage. A marriage service is open to anyone who wants to draw their relationship within the circle of God’s love for us. 

What does it cost to be married in Law Parish Church?
As a parish church we do not charge anything for the use of the church or the conducting of the service by the minister. There is a fee for the services of a musician to accompany the hymns and other musical items.

The Marriage Schedule
For a wedding to legally take place the wedding couple need to obtain a fully valid marriage schedule from the Registration Authorities and present it for signing in the church on the day of the service.

A rehearsal for all members of the Wedding Party is held after worship on the Sunday immediately prior to your wedding. During the service on this Sunday we invite the wedding couple to receive a blessing for their marriage. 

Time of Wedding
Please confirm with the Minister the time you wish your marriage to take place.

If you have any other questions please feel free to speak to the minister.