Prayer is the vital breath of who we are as a church. Whether faithfully or stutteringly, in trust or doubt, with gratitude and uncertainty, we understand that without prayer we would not exist as a church. Without prayer, we would not have a faith to share. And we are all beginners when it comes to prayer. There are different opportunities to come together in prayer with the rest of the people who are also journeying along the path of faith.

We will have Morning prayers and Evening prayers. Below you will be able to find the most recent morning and evening prayer. 

If you are looking for an older prayer then please find them on our Facebook.

Morning Prayers

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Evening Prayers

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Morning & Evening Prayers

For over a millennia, followers of the way have made space to start and end their day, opening themselves up to the presence of God. We will make a space for anyone who wants to join me for a few minutes, offering what we are living to the presence of God. There will be a short meditation then a prayer. A simple way for us to share the road with one another, in the company of God.

Prayers will appear here Monday through Friday.

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