Building and Community

In September 2018 the folks who belong to Law Parish Church made a decision to change the shape of our building space. We believe that as a parish church we want to be at the heart of our community, working with others, for the common good of our village. We felt the church building as it presently stands is an obstacle rather than an asset for creating a community hub. That’s why we took the decision to reshape our building, so that we can offer a space which helps the village be more than just a place people stay, but a place we share our lives together as neighbours and friends.

We are at the very beginning of that journey which will involve removing our pews and redesigning our entrance/hall/toilet and kitchen space. The first steps of that Journey will see us:

  • Gain the help of Presbytery and the General Trustees
  • Work towards creating a community survey
  • Renew the architectural drawings for the building
  • Begin the task of match-funding

We are on this journey because we trust God loves the the whole of our community and not just those who belong to our church.